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Unfortunately the website is entirely in French except for few select pages, like this one.

MonoType (formerly Type-Moon France) is an association working to spread and promote Japanese modern visual culture (such as manga, anime, visual novels, light novels, and the like) and has been doing so since 2012. To achieve this, we create calendars, fanbooks and other goods featuring illustrators from all over the world and interviews with official staff and artistes who worked on the considered series. We then sell them at various events (usually in France, notably Japan Expo, one of the biggest conventions in Europe that we usually attend every year). We also sometimes perform activities at such events and conventions, such as games or panel talks. For example, in 2018 one of our members was interviewed to talk about the history of Melty Blood (read the piece here in English).

We originally worked mostly on the Fate/ series, but have since took a more general approach, promoting other franchises such as mangas from the Manga Time Kirara magazine. We also hold a booth once at a foreign event, Hyper Japan Summer 2014, where we sold english versions of our products from that time.

Here is a partial list of our projects:

If you have any question or remark about any of our projects or about the association itself, please contact us using the following mail address:

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Association de promotion du manga, de l'animation japonaise, et du jeu vidéo japonais, depuis 2012 !